Transforming Homes through the Power of Art Pairings

Transforming Homes through the Power of Art Pairings

I am excited to share one of my greatest passions – curating and placing beautiful and meaningful art pairings. As an art dealer, I firmly believe the power of art is in the mix, and goes beyond any single piece. When we thoughtfully pair different paintings together, we create visual stories that showcase each work while also transforming a home.

Sometimes putting art together can be decades in the making with treasured heirlooms – other times, the layered look comes together seamlessly and quickly. What we want most is to be able to see that the paintings fit perfectly within the space and beside each other.

Effective Art Pairings – Cohesion & Contrast
At the core, an effective art pairing is about finding balance between cohesion and contrast. We want paintings that complement each other (through color, theme, texture or style), but we also want there to be a visual conversation that draws you in.

Push & Pull Tension – Contemporary art can enliven and balance antiques, providing a sense of history and timelessness. Bringing together contrasting, vibrant hues is a standout way to make an energizing statement. The bold colors instantly infuse the room with an energizing, uplifting vibe.

Harmonious Pairings – While exploring visual tensions through contrast is one approach, the most impactful art combinations come from a sense of unity and tranquility. Harmonious pairings rely on commonality and repetition to forge a calming atmosphere. We crave that sense of calm and tranquility in the chaos of the comings and goings of life!

Establishing Design Narratives - I love exploring thematic pairings where the artwork shares a common subject. For example, my clients and I will pair different landscapes highlighting the beauty of an autumn day in the mountains. Or we might curate a collection for a kitchen featuring fruit, or florals for a powder room. We even pull together a mix of art and portraits that celebrate heritage and family history – a visual narrative of who we are and our past.  These meaningful art pairings lead to rich discussions and provide a visual representation of family identity.

Reinforcing Cohesion - Something as simple as framing can be leveraged to reinforce cohesion in a pairing. Using complementary frame styles or matting helps art to speak the same visual language and work as a unified whole. This allows homemakers to strike a balance while infusing personality into a space.

The Power of Art Pairings
As homemakers, we hold the unique ability to create spaces that inspire, calm, and connect. Curating beautiful art pairings is all about creating harmony, sparking wonder and delight, or forging new perspectives. Decorating with art pairings is a way to tell your story that can transform a home while also adding depth and dimension to our lives.

The true power of art goes beyond what is on the canvas – it's about shifting the mood and energy of a home, evoking emotion, and inspiring our loved ones. I am honored to sell art at Emi & Co. that I would be proud to display in my own home and pass down through generations.


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