Emi Dalton


About Emi

As a child, my mom taped fine art posters from the National Gallery on our kitchen cabinets.  I remember studying the works of Seraut and Monet, John Singer Sargent and LeConte Stewart as I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Thus began my passion for fine art!

I have always been surrounded by art (in one form or another) and that it is part of who I am.  My paternal great-grandfather Wayne Johnson was an art teacher in Springville, Utah; Art Supervisor for the Nebo Public Schools, and also department head and curator for the Springville High School Art Gallery for a quarter century.  He founded the Spring Salon, which later became the Springville Museum of Art, the oldest museum for visual fine arts in Utah.  Three of his original, depression-era paintings (discovered dust ravaged in my grandmother’s attic) hang prominently in my home and remind me of this artistic heritage.

I believe art should ignite our imagination, evoke emotion and/or be personally significant.  If it can do all three – whether simultaneously or separately – you’ve found a proven winner!

Why Original Art?

I believe each individual is a limited edition of one.  As such, the places we live should reflect our unique likes, personalities and joys.  I enjoy sourcing affordable, original art and representing local and global artists.  Channeling my passion for fine art into an opportunity to beautify homes is both fun and fulfilling!  My innate desire to create and replicate beauty draws me to the lasting nature of fine art.  Knowing that each painting is a cherished original makes it even more magnificent – and like each of us, a limited edition of one!