Does Emi & Co. Art do commission work?

Yes, Emi & Co. Art specializes in creating custom artwork and offers bespoke commission services tailored to your individual style, as well as providing whole home installations to bring a unique and personalized touch to every space.

Why is art important in my home?

Whether you are embarking on a decorating project or just looking to freshen up a tired space, one of the best ways to establish the personality of a room is by decorating with original art.  When art and design come together seamlessly, the outcome is simply breathtaking!  Art can transform your home and add the depth, drama or spunk needed to tie together furniture and fabric choices or to make a standout statement.  The key is to find the perfect balance of restful tranquility punctuated with invigorating pops of color. 

How do you produce so much beautiful artwork?

I work closely with artists all over the world and love sourcing affordable art and sharing my finds.  It has been so fun to turn my passion for fine art into an opportunity to beautify homes.  My desire for nice things on a budget planted the seeds for Emi & Co.  One of my main aims in starting Emi & Co. Art is to help you surround yourself and your family with fabulous and fun original art -- the kind of art that speaks to your soul, exudes joy and transports you to your happy place!

You seem to love landscapes. Why is that?

One of the many reasons I am passionate about art is that it reminds us, on a daily basis, of the inherent beauty of our world, our smallness, and our place amidst the glories of nature.  I am convinced that the beauty of the earth knows no bounds!  My own desire to create and replicate beauty draws me to original art and landscapes in particular.  Knowing that each painting is unique makes it even more magnificent and significant!