How to Select Art that Is the Right Size for Your Space

How to Select Art that Is the Right Size for Your Space

A unique, one-of-a-kind painting from Emi & Co. Art can add a vibrant splash of color and style, and become an eye-catching focal point in your home. But finding the right artwork that fits your space beautifully is key.

You want your art to be truly captivating, pulling the entire room together in perfect harmony. If the piece is too small, the room can look incomplete. If it's too big, the space may feel cramped and crowded. So how do you ensure your masterpiece complements the room just right?

Read the Room
First, take a good look around the space and gauge how different sized artwork would visually fit. A great way to visualize is by outlining potential dimensions with painter's tape or kraft paper. Step back, take some photos, and compare how a large square framed canvas versus a wide landscape painting might work. This mock-up exercise allows you to play with scale and proportion until you land on the perfect fit.

Consider Placement
In addition to size, also think about where you want to position the artwork. Will it serve as a focal point on an empty wall? Or do you envision flanking it with other pieces in a gallery-style arrangement? Strategizing the placement can help you determine the ideal scale and orientation - whether that's a towering vertical piece or a more expansive horizontal work.

Measure Twice, Buy Once
Once you have a sense of the ideal size and placement, break out the tape measure. Account for the available wall space, as well as any furniture, windows or architectural features that could impact the artwork's positioning. As a general guideline, your piece should take up 60-75% of the designated wall real estate. Any less and it may get lost, any more and it could overwhelm the space.

Of course, rules are made to be broken - especially when you find that one-of-a-kind painting that simply demands attention, no matter the size. And if you can't find the perfect piece off-the-shelf, our team at Emi & Co. Art can help you commission a custom work tailored to your unique space and vision.

Remember, size and placement are relative. The same piece that looks perfectly sized in one space may get lost when moved elsewhere. So be mindful of the room's total dimensions, not just the individual wall you're decorating. Step back, take it all in, and let your eye be your guide.

With preliminary visualization, strategic placement planning, and precise measuring you can find fine art that adds the right splash of color, style and personality to really tie your room together. Your dream painting is out there, just waiting to be showcased in all its glory!


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