Framed Dimensions: 12 x 14 inches

Art Dimensions: 5x7 inches



About the Artist

Sarah has a BFA in Design from Brigham Young University and is currently in pursuit of an MFA from Washington University. Sarah works as a studio assistant for Utah artist J. Kirk
Richards and has worked in a range of roles as a freelance illustrator. She has received commissions for graphic logos, home decor, murals, advertising, and children's books. Her current focus is illustrative fine art and children's literature.

Sarah has a passion for folk art, bright colors, and thick lines. Sarah has worked in both children’s publishing and the fine art industries, and believes that the best images resonate with children and grown-ups alike. Sarah loves to work in a variety of mediums and styles, but most often in oil paint or block prints. When not covered in paint or making block prints or working on commissions or original work, you can find Sarah on a road trip, trying very hard to be a baker, or climbing a mountain.


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