What our Clients Say


Emi is extremely creative and has an eye for art and design while she is also aware of space and cost. She thinks outside the box and uses her imagination to create beauty.

Christine DeMordaunt

I am reminded of you and the beautiful art and refinement you have brought into my life everytime I see [Emi & Co. Art] in my home.

Stacey Creer

I am thrilled! I appreciate you helping me add beautiful art to so many projects!

Emily England
Interior Designer

I’m so happy to have found you. Art truly makes a home and we love what you have provided for our home.

Randi Garrett
interior designer

Your ability to create beautiful and harmonious spaces is remarkable. Whether it is the way you effortlessly blend colors or arrange pairings, everything you touch turns into a work of art.

Matt Dalton

Look how darling [my Emi & Co. art] is here! Thank you so much for working with me. I am going to save my pennies for some really good art now.

Katie McArthur
interior designer

The artwork I brought home is spectacular.

Liz Clark

Your art absolutely MAKES this room. So beautiful.

Erica High
interior designer

Thank you for helping me create a special frame for my abstract art! I’m so glad I went with your suggestion to match the frame to the caliber of art. I want you to know how much I value your professional art advice. You have impeccable taste.

Crystel Fox

I cannot stop looking at this painting! Emi, it is so beautiful! Thank you for having such a gift to help make our house a home.

Jamie Clarke

Thank you for helping me make my house feel more like MY home.

Stephanie Kirk

You have a gift for seeing the details and making them matter.

Faith Wallis